Due to continued abuse by search engine tainting bots, particularly from china, italy and UK, and the fact that of all our members only 4 appeared to be real people, only 2 of which were active in any sense. it has been decided that this website be discontinued in its current format.


We may decide to install another social blogging dating networking etc website at a future date, however due to abuse, and exploiting, and the fact that dolphin boonex has been infiltrated and all emails and admin login details are suspected to be compromised and available to 3rd parties (ie spammers mail relayers etc) within minutes of administrators registering their boonex blog/community software.  We no longer wish to associate ourselves with Boonex or their Dolphin Package.


We have come to this decision based on the following factors:

  1. Years ago, Within minutes of downloading and registering our original Dolphin software account, and installing the package; the email address and its accosiated password, and the domain, all of which had only just been created within that hour had been accessed (in less that a single attempt) by a third party. The only place this information was available was the boonex registration server; and subsequently the admin info configured in our new dolphin software.
  2. Within weeks of this first access, this same associated email account started being used by a 3rd party to relay spam, in massive amounts.   We deactivated the email address. However we have been monitoring the blog site with suspicion ever since.  All IP addresses related to this are available on request by law enforcement agencies if required. Consider this as a warning to those involved.
  3. Within months of the dolphin software being setup and configured for public access, 3rd parties began creating random accounts with free email services, such as 163.net and gmail and various .cn domains; and filling them with copyright infringing material from encylopdia sites, and seeding these postings with links to other sites and various keywords.  This appears to have been done in an effort to taint, and otherwise interfere with search engine results, a small minority of the accounts created appeared to have been made by legitimate website owners with web based startup businesses, in order to use our own search engine placement to their advantage, these users were tolerated as harmless.   Another small minority appeared to be created accounts to further their SEO strategy, likely by SEO firms; although irritating these too were tolerated.
  4. A massive audit of all accounts was performed and suspicious accounts were purged, leaving only 18 accounts, the ability to create accounts was then set to require an administrators approval.  This resulted in 2000 more accounts requesting approval, over the next few months many of which did not even use a real email address; and what appeared to be a small number of approvals we did not authorise. At this point we stopped investigating further, and subsequently took the site down, posting this notice.


The managment of this server recommends that until boonex and dolphin and their associated companies and trademarks can show without a shadow of a doubt that their servers, software, websites and registration server is no longer compromised; that no user, company or dating firm use Boonex, Dolphin or any other accociated product or package until further notice; at least not without a detailed audit of all source code, and changing all passwords securely prior to going public, as it appears currently to serve no useful purpose beyond harvesting users email addresses for spam, and for exploitation of the site itself for tainting and otherwise interferring with legitimate search engine operation and results.  People often wonder what the catch is when they get something for free, apparently this was the catch they forgot to point out.

We understand that the above statement may cause undue difficulties for boonex and dolphin sales and marketing, but they had their chance, we ran their software for several years and it appears to us that their systems remain suspect.

For those responsible for the above abuse, had you limited your activity to basic SEO for legitimate sites, you may still have had this resource, instead you choose to interfere with things that are not your concern and you have now lost the right to use this.

Steal money from google adwords, and give people viruses on your own website, we dont want you here.

This page shall also remain here until we outself have been proven without a shadow of a doubt that boonex can be trusted with private details such as peoples email addresses.



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